Short descriptions of two New York exhibitions

1. Marta Minujín, The Neon Tunnel, from La Menesunda Reloaded, 1965. New Museum 2019. 95 words. The vista to the tunnel is covered by tinted Plexiglas with the lower part cut out to the shape of a human figure. Only one person at a time can enter the tunnel measuring two spans. Decked with a fragile tangle… Continue reading Short descriptions of two New York exhibitions

Synthesis of styles in Willem de Kooning

De Kooning was the last to die from the legendary post-war generation, now known under the heading of Action Painters or Abstract Expressionists. He spawned together with this generation, an internationally recognizable American art. Because of this achievement, I am surprised to recall that De Kooning is actually European in origin. Willem de Kooning was… Continue reading Synthesis of styles in Willem de Kooning

Gabriel García Márquez: Journalistic works 1948-1952.

"Journalism is my vocation," Gabriel Garcia Márquez has explained in countless interviews. In the great literary works of the Nobel Prize winner of 1982 one often feels the tightrope walk between hard-researched facts and the slightly exotic poetry of Latin America, which results in the so-called "magical realism". How extensive the journalistic oeuvre of today's… Continue reading Gabriel García Márquez: Journalistic works 1948-1952.