The Young T.S. Eliot and Alien Cultures: His Philippine Interactions

Tatsushi Narita Article originally published in The Review of English Studies, Vol. 45, No. 180 (Nov., 1994), pp. 523-525 IN recent years, cross-cultural matters have been rapidly increasing in importance as one of the new key concepts for interpreting the socio-cultural complex. It would be worth while accordingly to seek to re-evaluate one of the… Continue reading The Young T.S. Eliot and Alien Cultures: His Philippine Interactions

Unknown University (Roberto Bolaño, 2013)

Roberto Bolaño, in several interviews, confesses that his entrance to literature was through writing opoetry. In his books of pose and in his novels we find recurrent lyrical figures, who plot below the main story a pictorial, sensitive substory, which woul condense in the image of the Unknown University, a nightmare enclosure frozen in the… Continue reading Unknown University (Roberto Bolaño, 2013)