Spring 2022

Ateneo De Manila

CRWR 170 A
Creative Writing: Poetics

TTh 0930-1100

This seminar course seeks to train creative writers to think about the theoretical foundations of their work and expose them to forms of writing that put poetic and narrative techniques at the service of self-critical writing.

ARTM 130 Writings by Artists
TTh 1230-1400
The course will focus on the intellectual work of 20th century Filipino visual artists.

Art App 10- Art Appreciation
MWF 1200-1400 and 1400-1600

Columbia University

ENGLGU4628 U.S. Latinx Literature
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Frances Negron-Muntaner (Until February 2, 2022)
No sections handled
TTh 1440-1555

The course will focus on Latinx literature in the United States from the turn of the twentieth century to the present with the objective of providing a historical, literary, and theoretical context for this production. It will examine a wide range of genres, including poetry, memoir, essays, and fiction, with special emphasis on works by Cubans, Dominicans, Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans. Among the authors that the course will study are Richard Rodríguez, Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherríe Moraga, Piri Thomas, Esmeralda Santiago, Julia Alvarez, Cristina García, Junot Diaz, John Leguizamo, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Fall 2021

Ateneo De Manila

T-TH 1700-1830

This course surveys visual art from the 20th century to the present. Emphasis is given to works, figures, movements, and ideas that created new trajectories for art-making within specific social and historical contexts. While attention is devoted on art movements and practitioners within the purview of Western art history, discussions can expand on how they are reframed and enacted in multiple strands of modernism. FOCUS: With the advent of Abstract-Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism, the center of the avant-garde shifted from Europe to New York; then, in what is sometimes identified as Marshall Plan Modernism, the New York school was exported to Paris, sponsored by the International Section of The Museum of Modern Art, and the USIS.

Art App 10 NN and FF
Art Appreciation
TTh 1200-1400 and 1400-1600

This course provides an approach to art appreciation that integrates both personal context and various critical frameworks into opportunities for participation in the discourses centered on art and society. Through interactions with historical and contemporary art practices, students will gain insight into ongoing treatments of art across diverse cultures. This culminates in one’s humanistic understanding and response.

Columbia University

CSER1010 Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
Teaching Assistant to Dr. Bahia Munem
MW 1010-1125 (402 Chandler)
Sections handled: Two discussion groups Th 1100-1200, and 1300-1400

What is race and ethnicity? How do constructions of race and ethnicity continue to exert powerful effects in society and over individual lives (politically, socially, and economically) in the United States? This course addresses these questions and provides an introduction to the historical and contemporary ideas and manifestations of “ethnic studies” as a field of study—its subject matters, its methodologies and theories, its literatures, and its practitioners and institutional settings.