La Mujer Filipina allegedly by Felix Hidalgo

Some doubts have been casts on the authenticity of a Felix Hidalgo painting which was sold by auction recently. FÉLIX RESURRECCIÓN HIDALGO Y PADILLA (Filipinas, 1855 – España, 1913). “Nativa Filipina”. Óleo sobre lienzo. The most common misgivings are that the painting did not seem to conform to the fashion style of the period when… Continue reading La Mujer Filipina allegedly by Felix Hidalgo

Propaganda at Lopez

On Trauma, Postmemory, and Modernity in Propaganda at the Lopez Museum The beginning half of 2015 for the Manila art scene has marked itself with an endless parade of the second-rate, the trying hard, and the copycat such that when attending one art fair or a gallery exhibition– you’re always confronted by the fact that,… Continue reading Propaganda at Lopez

The calm on this side of the border belies the scene on the other side

In "The calm on this Side of the Border Belies the Scene on the Other Side," brothers Jason and Joseph Tecson exhibit sculptures and oil paintings which mark a highlight in their individual careers. The paintings were started during Joseph's stint as a resident artist at Whitespace Blackbox in Neuchatel, Switzerland while the sculptures are part of… Continue reading The calm on this side of the border belies the scene on the other side

Jigger Cruz Superstar

Jigger Cruz is among the country's 30-something superstars but can he live up to the hype? There are a number of reasons attributed to the success of Jigger Cruz, the most recent darling du jour of Philippine painting. The easy one is that he did something differently but not dumbfounding by creating a middle ground… Continue reading Jigger Cruz Superstar

The Shift of Desires

Review of 'It's about the end that keeps on coming' by Jay Ticar at West Gallery It’s a distressing and shattered world, if you read into the paintings of Jay Ticar, but one that is not without hope or room for contemplation. In his paintings and drawings the Manila-born, Toronto-based artist unravels a surreal world of… Continue reading The Shift of Desires

Don Dalmacio and the manual of painting

Review of Don Dalmacio's Condensed and Evaporated at BLANC I vividly remember going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines in July 2009 to see the works of the latest 13 Artists Awardees at that time. By now I have forgotten most of the works in that show but the paintings of Don Dalmacio are… Continue reading Don Dalmacio and the manual of painting

Chocolate Ruins by Rodel Tapaya in ARNDT BERLIN

Rodel Tapaya's main piece at ARNDT's primary location in Berlin resists blatant interpretation. In his expansive painting, The Chocolate Ruins, the blend of thematically related images impresses a conflated disquiet and a sense of simultaneous ironies. Speaking in the reconstructed and often esoteric language of folklore¬ - myths and legends and their transfer in barbershop… Continue reading Chocolate Ruins by Rodel Tapaya in ARNDT BERLIN

Marina Cruz: Inside Out

Marina Cruz, Laced-top, 2012, mixed-media assemblage, 37 in x 55 in Immersed in the various conceptual layers offered by her mother’s collection of dresses, Marina Cruz conveys a series of related pictures as part of her process of representing the narratives weaved upon them, focusing on the discrepancies between visual and verbal references. Through her… Continue reading Marina Cruz: Inside Out