The calm on this side of the border belies the scene on the other side

In "The calm on this Side of the Border Belies the Scene on the Other Side," brothers Jason and Joseph Tecson exhibit sculptures and oil paintings which mark a highlight in their individual careers. The paintings were started during Joseph's stint as a resident artist at Whitespace Blackbox in Neuchatel, Switzerland while the sculptures are part of… Continue reading The calm on this side of the border belies the scene on the other side

Agnes Arellano eating a pizza

Agnes Arellano's Flying Dakini at MO_Space Tonight was the opening of Agnes Arellano's Flying Dakini at Mo_Space in the Fort. One of my favorite spaces for the reason that when I used to go there, you can get a doughnut downstairs at Krispy Kreme, sometimes for free. I had such fond memories of MO_Space, not… Continue reading Agnes Arellano eating a pizza

Krzysztof Wodiczko “Guests”

The Polish pavilion - actually a windowless cube - is surprisingly transparent this year. Floor-to-ceiling windows with rounded arches open the view to the outside. Through the slightly milky panes, the visitor standing in the dark of the exhibition space can observe people doing different activities. Some are chatting, others are busy cleaning the windows,… Continue reading Krzysztof Wodiczko “Guests”