May Tenga Ang Lupa

Rodel Tapaya, May Tenga ang Lupa, Exhibition View, Drawing Room 2022 Rodel TapayaDrawing Room GalleryJune-July 2022 May tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita (The land has ears, the news has wings) is an aphorism that reminds us not only that contemporary realities have ancient roots but also that nonhuman actors matter in telling the… Continue reading May Tenga Ang Lupa

Chocolate Ruins by Rodel Tapaya in ARNDT BERLIN

Rodel Tapaya's main piece at ARNDT's primary location in Berlin resists blatant interpretation. In his expansive painting, The Chocolate Ruins, the blend of thematically related images impresses a conflated disquiet and a sense of simultaneous ironies. Speaking in the reconstructed and often esoteric language of folklore¬ - myths and legends and their transfer in barbershop… Continue reading Chocolate Ruins by Rodel Tapaya in ARNDT BERLIN