Villem Flusser on Artistic Freedom

With his statements in Towards a Philosophy of Photography, Vilém Flusser opened a new understanding of photography, and gave the term a new meaning. While he describes the photograph as a “flyer-like image distributed by the apparatus,” the Photographer for Flusser was a critic; a gadfly: “a person who attempts to place within the image,… Continue reading Villem Flusser on Artistic Freedom

Jed Escueta: Valid Until Life

Valid Until Life Gallery 2, Light and Space Contemporary 53 Fairlane St., West Fairview, Quezon City, PH June 29 – 30 July 2013 Valid Until Life gathers the work of Jed Escueta who explores strategies of representation and narration in his photographs. Since starting out as a photographer, Escueta has used the camera to call… Continue reading Jed Escueta: Valid Until Life