Area/ Region

Walker Gavin’s article “The Accumulation of Difference and the Logic of Area” tells us that some of Michel Foucault’s ideas on biopower can still be improved. According to Gavin, Foucault didn't think past the spatial term “territory” to consider the even more ambiguous term “area”, which according to Gavin is more encompassing of the unboundedness… Continue reading Area/ Region

Semicoloniality, Agency and Occupation

The Bogor Botanical Gardens was officially established by the Dutch East Indies Government on May 17, 1817, which became an important part in the history of science in Indonesia. (Wikimedia Commons) In Race and the Education of Desire (1995), Ann Laura Stoler writes about the central role of the construction of race and empires in… Continue reading Semicoloniality, Agency and Occupation

Ang tunay na world domination

Optimistiko si Slavoj Zizek sa future ng Tsina sa kanyang artikulong "My dream of Wuhan" na lumabas sa Welt. Ako rin. Bukod pa sa mga sinabi niya sa artikulo, umaasa ako na magsisikap pa lalo ang Tsina na makuha ang loob ng komunidad ng mga bansa sa responsableng ehersisyo ng cultural capital at iba pang… Continue reading Ang tunay na world domination