Redd Nacpil: Tolerant Animal

I admire his works. Incidentally he is also a close friend, my ka-batch in high school, and former college fraternity brother. In my opinion, he has included in this exhibit some of his most honest if not the best pieces in his young career. From all the years of knowing him, I’ve always felt that Redd Nacpil has something different and interesting to show in his works and that he should be given the attention accorded to an important young painter. He is in the league but was never really part of any shows by young contemporary figuratives some five years ago which thawed out quickly before they could be recognized any better. Many retired from painting, a few went on with other groups. On a rare solo flight, Redd always seems like he’s only just beginning and beginning strongly every time. With nearly inscrutable images, he never aimed to please or be didactic; he frequently balances chaotic instants or ecstasies like the last breath before dying moment in the painting shown with a tinge of mockery or underlying humour. It reminds me deeply and equally of art historical references (such as the Pieta) and of cliché movie scenes where people who are about to die actually get to speak so lucidly. And the irritation is profound. Please join me in opening his exhibition at Light and Space Contemporary on the 15th of December 2012, Saturday at 7pm.

Red Nacpil, I'll take care of your wife for you, 2012, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in
Red Nacpil, I’ll take care of your wife for you, 2012, oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in

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