Kawi and Baybayin, ancient writing scripts of Southeast Asia

Copy of a stone stele written in Kawi script, then kept in the Museum of Culture Batavia The media of writing and images correspond to two different forms of reception: words are read, images are recognized. While the code that makes writing legible first has to be learned formally, what is shown in images can… Continue reading Kawi and Baybayin, ancient writing scripts of Southeast Asia

The Hidden Lore of Baybayin

Panitik Silangan was a Baybayin publication published in 1963. Photos: Stanley Baldwin O. See http://images.gmanews.tv/webpics/2016/08/3_2016_08_15_17_46_42.JPG All languages are languages of power: the power to impose meaning and thereby give order to the world. Most writing scripts are imposed from above by a state, or the beginnings of one, in a literate society. However, before a writing… Continue reading The Hidden Lore of Baybayin