Geronimo Cristobal

On each entry you will find a Why, What, Who, When, Where and How type of question though they may be inserted in rather reckless opinions about artworks and exhibitions. The goal in every article is to be simple, straight and spontaneous. It does not count among its aspirations to offer any qualitative or research-backed insight or be ethical for that matter. You have to take it as it happens. Each entry will follow the structure or structureless feel of a common blog entry. Being insightful and fun is however, always a possibility.


6 thoughts on “Geronimo Cristobal

  1. Hi Jun. For a while, i thought i had contacted two different people. Saw a Geronimo Cristobal Jr…. but the postings were in Pilipino. Now that i realize that blog in Pilipino and this one in English was being published by one and the same person I can only express my sincerest congratulations. Am happy you take time out to discuss, explain and inform. In two languages at that. That is also the same direction we are taking at our magazine Contemporary Art Philippines. Hence, was trying to find how to get in touch with you in case you can write a few pieces for us.

  2. Hi Jun, congratulations for this blog!

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you were much (MUCH) younger than I thought you would be. I love art–even the ones I do not “understand”–and I love how you take time to explain not just featured pieces, but also the history of the artists and how their current shows figure in the context of their artmaking careers. I will definitely add this to my list of favorites.

    And, just like “Contemporary Art Philippines”, which is a magazine I read and respect, we in “asianTraveler Magazine” would also love to have you write for us, should the need for art pieces come up in our publication.

    Please let me know how best to get in touch with you.

    Great job, and more power!

  3. hey man, your piece about proposals is nice and all, but i think the only thing that concerns an “artist” about shows is his or her work. what you wrote is actually what non artists expect from artists. it is actually the job of galleries to look for new artists. we do not have to subject ourselves to their intricacies and all that bullshit about their authority on art. we really don’t have to explain ourselves man. we just have to get to work. writing CVs and proposals are worthless compared to great art. everyone is entitled to their opinion but not everyone is entitled to authority. to all would be artists vying to have a show, you really just have to show your work. what ever you say about it is bullshit. its your work that matters. so nut up or shut up and just frickin do it.

  4. I have read your one page proposal for art galleries…I m a arts management student ..It would be really kind of you if u could mail me 2 or 3 of your sample propsals which u have written … .please do mail me for more details ..thanks ..hope to hear from u soon

  5. I love your Jigger Cruz supertar article. Where can I buy his paintings? I am into excavated ceramics and few art collection by masters but I want to shift my collection to new artists. hope you can help me into collecting art.

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