Unknown University (Roberto Bolaño, 2013)

Roberto Bolaño, in several interviews, confesses that his entrance to literature was through writing opoetry. In his books of pose and in his novels we find recurrent lyrical figures, who plot below the main story a pictorial, sensitive substory, which woul condense in the image of the Unknown University, a nightmare enclosure frozen in the… Continue reading Unknown University (Roberto Bolaño, 2013)

Beauty is a wound (Eka Kurniawan, 2015)

Hi style is reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquéz and William Faulkner, says the New York Times Book Review. "Beauty is a Wound" by Eka Kurniawan is a wild and rousing nightmare about Indonesia's recent history. Eka Kurniawan, born 1975 in West Java, is not only novelist, screenwriter and blogger, but also comic artist. And you… Continue reading Beauty is a wound (Eka Kurniawan, 2015)

The Kingdom of this World (Alejo Carpentier, 2007)

The Cuban novelist Alejo Carpentier (1904-1980) tells of the slave revolts in the Antilles during the French Revolution. Led by Macandal, a black man who can take the form of various animals, the slaves, headed by the bird-man Ti Noel, fight for their freedom; they pit their their belief on miracles and magic against the… Continue reading The Kingdom of this World (Alejo Carpentier, 2007)