Works that have been standing for centuries often have one thing in common: transformation. It is a timeless fascination in watching a man changed before your eyes, to be resurrected as something else.

The young girl Giselle took the stage for the first time in 1841. The frame is traditional, there are village girls, rises on the square and celebration of the grape harvest. But already here introduces a disturbing element: Giselle is the dancer who can not tolerate dancing. His mother begs Giselle not to tempt fate, not dance themselves warm. Her heart is too weak and can break.

It is the mother herself who paints the old legend about dead virgins and thus Giselle’s own destiny. But Giselle must love, and she must dance. She dances into madness when betrayal to her chosen one Albrecht dawns on her, falls, gets up, tearing out their hair, and dancing to the heart stopping.

The transformation into madness is total, but in death she will again be transformed to an ethereal creature – one wili.

Giselle is a ballet where dance is not just the cause of death, it is also killing method. In the second act demonstrates wilis, the failure, died virgins, how they lure men to themselves and dancing them to death.

As romantic icon is Giselle complete, as a woman ideal problematic: sacrificial, forever loving and weightless. Her self-destruction goes Ibsen Solveig a high time. As death dance Giselle for Albrechts life, she will be returning to the tomb while Albrecht will live on with his betrayal.

With a background of painted stage curtains and romantic tutu is no outer renewal we seek when we set up the classic Giselle. The renewal is in how the drug is interpreted today. How steps recreated and phrasing of the dancers on stage in front of you tonight.

The choreography is like one long breath, a sigh, echoed through the room. The frame is a fairy tale ballet, but it is the sincerity and humanity in the performance that makes Giselle can be danced at all times.

So it is in the fairy tale, so is it in the ballet. The human heart is changed utterly nothing on earth.

to be continued…


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