Astronomy has somehow helped me to give another dimension to the pain, to the absence, to the loss. Sometimes, when one is alone with that pain, and these moments are necessary, the pain becomes oppressive. I tell myself it’s all part of a cycle which didn’t begin and won’t end with me nor with my parents, or with my children. I tell myself we are all part of a current, of energy, a recyclable matter. Like the stars, which must die so that other stars, can be born, other planets, a new life. In this context, what happened to my parents and their absence take on another dimension. It takes on another meaning and frees me a little from this great suffering, as I feel that nothing really comes to an end. My grandparents are the happiness in my life. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to write my own story.

Not merely from a painful perspective but also a joyful one, optimistic, driven by this strength and the desire to progress. My grandparents were wise realizing they had a double responsibility. They found a way to make my parents important reference points for me. They passed on my parents’ values and their strength. What is more, my grandparents were able to overcome their pain so that I could have a happy and healthy childhood. – Excerpt from an interview in ‘Nostalgia for the light’, by Patricio Guzman


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