The Shift of Desires

Review of 'It's about the end that keeps on coming' by Jay Ticar at West Gallery It’s a distressing and shattered world, if you read into the paintings of Jay Ticar, but one that is not without hope or room for contemplation. In his paintings and drawings the Manila-born, Toronto-based artist unravels a surreal world of… Continue reading The Shift of Desires

Agnes Arellano eating a pizza

Agnes Arellano's Flying Dakini at MO_Space Tonight was the opening of Agnes Arellano's Flying Dakini at Mo_Space in the Fort. One of my favorite spaces for the reason that when I used to go there, you can get a doughnut downstairs at Krispy Kreme, sometimes for free. I had such fond memories of MO_Space, not… Continue reading Agnes Arellano eating a pizza

Don Dalmacio and the manual of painting

Review of Don Dalmacio's Condensed and Evaporated at BLANC I vividly remember going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines in July 2009 to see the works of the latest 13 Artists Awardees at that time. By now I have forgotten most of the works in that show but the paintings of Don Dalmacio are… Continue reading Don Dalmacio and the manual of painting

Max Balatbat a.k.a. MaxBal and his Action Star Paintings

  Artists represented by Silverlens are some of the most successful names in Philippine art today. By virtue perhaps of good business practices or critical choices made by its proprietors or the fact that the gallery takes hold of their artists like no mama bear can. In spite of this, I never gave anyone who… Continue reading Max Balatbat a.k.a. MaxBal and his Action Star Paintings