Julius Clar, Not here anymore at Light and Space Contemporary

In bringing collage and assemblage works that recall the twentieth century master, Joseph Cornell, Julius Clar confronts us with two distinct traditions, one rooted in the whimsical visions of Western Modernism and the other in the more politically charged spheres of the Filipino avant-garde aspirations of the 1960s that equally inform his practice. Clar’s world,… Continue reading Julius Clar, Not here anymore at Light and Space Contemporary

Jason Tecson, Terror Decor at West Gallery

Against the unwieldy physical stature associated with monumental sculptures, Tecson’s creatures appear almost farcically feeble, void of the ostentatious tradition of his artistic precedents and behave more like loaded figurines.  He effectively and a bit roguishly, undermines the canons of sculpture. The superficially solid body is overstated but becomes a flimsy vessel for unworldly appearances.… Continue reading Jason Tecson, Terror Decor at West Gallery